Sam's Rock n' Roll Bar Mitzvah


As you already know, we love doing milestone birthday parties. But what makes them even better is when we can incorporate a cool theme that makes planning the decor that much more fun!


Seri and Adam’s long time friends, Alan and Viktoria, have a son who was turning 13 so they asked us help out with his Bar Mitzvah. They had already chosen the venue - Marlow Bistro and Infamous Bistro. Two beautiful restaurants with the same owner, located right next to each other that way the adults could mingle in one space and that kids could have fun in the other!


For the kids side, we really wanted to play up all the activities so we cleared out all of the furniture and turned the entire restaurant into one huge arcade where the kids could run around and be themselves. New York Fun Factory helped supply all the games and we were even able to have a T shirt station where we printed custom designs!


For the theme, Sam went with classic Rock n’ Roll. Sam gave us a list of his favorite bands like Led Zepplin and ACDC, which used incorporated throughout the space.


We even had all of the staff wear bands T-shirts!


One of our main decor elements was this huge Vinyl Maggie designed on a large mirror right when you entered the space (printing and installation by Bombshell Graphics).

Maggie took photos of Sam and custom designed rock band posters for us to display around the venue. We were totally obsessed with how these turned out!

Around the space we added pillows and cocktail napkins with Sam’s logo on them for the kids to use.


For added entertainment we had our favorite DJ Natalie bring in creative games, karaoke, and of course play tons of classic Rock to set the mood!

One thing the birthday boy really wanted was an awesome candy bar. So he gave us a list of all his favorite sweets and we designed these cool labels for each of the jars which were inspired by vinyl records. Everyone went nuts over it!


Over on the adults side, we kept the decor very minimal but still wanted to bring in the Rock n’ Roll theme. So we took the parents favorite bands and turned it into the coolest seating chart ever!


Then at each table, we had coordinating mini vinyls so that each guest would know exactly which table was their’s.


Once the party started to wind down we had warm, freshly baked, cookies delivered from Insomnia Cookies. They were individually boxed so it was easy for all the guests to grab one on the way out!


We had so much fun playing with this theme and most importantly we had one happy Bar Mitzvah boy + family by the end of it. Mavel Tov Sam!

Photos by Nelson of Dave Robbins Photography