National Potato Chip Day with Kettle Brand


In the LMP office, the team is always busy running from meetings to shoots to venue walkthroughs. When we do finally get a few minutes to sit together to review our plans for the week, we’re usually HUNGRY. Which is why come to these team pow wows with snacks, namely, our favorite Kettle Brand chips.

We’re all obsessed with different flavors, so it’s usual for us to have at least 3 or 4 bags open at a time. For so long, the bin above our fridge was messy and full of half eaten chip bags with clips holding them closed. To celebrate National Potato Chip Day, we finally decided to hop onto the recent home organization trend and accept our fate as lifelong chip lovers. Our DIY chip jars will keep your chips fresh and readily available for a quick snack without the mess.


Not only do we now have access to all our favorite flavors to snack whenever we want, they also look beautiful on the shelves of our office kitchen. We can also easily update the labels since we’re constantly rotating through Kettle Brand’s seemingly endless flavors. Now we pull out the jars quickly and easily to snack on while we sit at the table to go over all of our upcoming parties. Each of us take our own snack bag to fill up so when we have to jet out of the office, we can bring it with us on the go.


Here’s what you’ll need to make your own jars for your office or home!


Step 1: Use your painters tape to create a chalkboard area. We made ours 2.5” by 5”


Step 2: Carefully fill in the boxed off area with paint. You will need to do 3 to 4 coats, leaving about 1 hour in between for drying.


Step 3: Slowly remove your painter’s tape. You might see that some edges bled through. Not to worry! A little warm water and paper towel or magic eraser will clean those edges up very easily.


Step 4: Use your chalkboard markers to write out the names of your favorite Kettle Brand chips!


Step 5: Fill ‘em up! Enjoy at your desk, on your couch, in the car… I could go on. We eat them everywhere!

Enjoy your organized snacking! Happy National Potato Chip Day from the team who loves chips more than anything.