An Introduction to LMP

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Being a part of the Little Miss Party team is a truly unique work experience. I am constantly expressing to my friends how LUCKY I am to have landed a job that is so filled with fun, learning, hard work, amazing rewards, and best of all, an amazing group of coworkers who impress me each and every day. These girls are like my second family, providing me a sense of home away from home. 

After accomplishing the main career goals for 2017 (becoming a full time LMP team member, recreating our brand logo, and upgrading the website) I made a new list for 2018. One of those goals is creating an on-brand personality for the LMP team so everyone who follow us can understand what we do just a little bit better. I decided we needed a solid introduction video on our YouTube Channel to provide a visual representation of the different roles we each play in the business. I wanted portray the fun vibes we experience every day as we party for a living. Watch below, and let me know what you think!

If you have suggestions for more videos you'd like to see of the LMP team, showcasing what we do, who we are, and our roles, let me know! Just leave a comment below this post and we will do our best to show you exactly what you want to see.


I started out by showing Seri: our founder, spidermom, egg-loving party boss. When we say this lady does it all, WE MEAN IT. She barely sleeps because she is so dedicated. She takes this job way beyond the hours of 9-5, pouring her blood sweat and tears into every aspect of LMP. On a day-to-day basis, Seri touches every part of the business, from development to finance to creative to client relations, to running the parties. As we've become busier and busier, luckily Seri has been able to pass off some jobs to Abby, Natalie, and I, making it possible for her to keep a flexible schedule so she can spend time with her boys, hang out with her best friends, and travel home to see family in Toronto. 


Next up, Abby. This girl was Seri's first full timer, and the entire reason I'm even a part of LMP to begin with. Abby went to Northeastern to study music industry, which led her to working on various music festivals. She clearly had a knack for planning and coordinating at these big time shows, making her the perfect Event Manager (and cocktail queen) for Little Miss Party. Abby now is our go-to girl for everything leading up to and on the day of our events. She keeps us all on our toes, sticks to our to-do list, and gets the job done with precision. Honestly not sure what we would do without her! Not to mention, she knows how to pour a mean cocktail. You can find all her famous drink recipes on our blog!

The girls totally laugh at me in office on photo/video shoot days because I am SO particular about how I run the show- but that's what a Creative Director is supposed to do, right?! I give instructions on everything from hair style to clothing choices to how they hold their chins, and we might laugh about it, but we're doing a pretty good job with creating photos that represent our brand in the best way possible! Luckily, they haven't begun to hate me too much to help me get in front of the camera when needed. Just like in the video, I'm always responsible for any handwritten notes, crafts, and hands-on visual projects that need to look as perfect as possible. Seri trusts me to take notice of all the little details like balloon heights, color balance, ensuring everything looks picture perfect for our clients.


Last but not least, Natalie. Even though we only see her 3 days a week, we use every ounce of energy this girl gives us! Besides her regular responsibilities, like making sure to promote our posts on Facebook, Pinning the right photos to Pinterest, and formatting the blog, Natalie is out go-to flower guru. Her experience working as a florist has helped us immensely for events where the floral arrangements or table runners are an integral piece of the decor. The second she sets foot in the office she helps relieve all of us of duties we can't always quite finish ourselves, whether it's running to get an extra prop for our photo shoots or holding the reflector while I'm behind the camera. I know we can ALWAYS count on Natalie to help us get the job done.

We might operate at different speeds, on different days, doing different tasks, with different goals, but we are all trying to achieve the SAME thing- to make Little Miss Party FLOURISH, so we can keep bringing your daily celebrations to life! Want to know anything else about LMP? Feel free to email me: